May 31, 2003

Playing With Blocks

Over at 2blowhards, Friedrich has been playing with blocks.

It reminded me of a time about five years ago, when David was very small, when I went through a serious Lego phase. I bought a ridiculous amount of Lego and built quite a few interesting things; the best of them was a little number I call the Alcalde's House. These are some pictures I took at the time; low res, but that's life. The house still exists (I can see it from where I sit) but alas the kids are fascinated by it, and so it's a little worse for wear. (Click on any picture to see a bigger version.)

Will Duquette, The Alcalde's House, 1998

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Just another test post.

Funny, now that I've changed the style sheet it looks really bad. Is that an error in the style sheet, or is it just that I've not added more entries?
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Test Post

Just a test post, to make sure everything is working OK
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