January 28, 2006

Got a book on digital photography...

...which had really good reviews on Amazon.

First thing I read, the author's saying that you never want to use JPEG format because it's a lossy format: you lose a bit of the detail every time you open and close the file!

Well, no. You lose detail every time you (1) open, (2) edit, and (3) save the file as JPEG. And when the image is initially compressed as JPEG, of course. But after that, anybody with any computer savvy knows better than to save an image they're working on in JPEG format until they are completely, absolutely done; and even then, you keep a non-lossy copy. Other than that, you can open the file and view it as many times as you like without degrading the quality even a smidge.

I'm not going to dismiss everything he says out of hand; I'm reading the book to learn about photography, not image processing. But my confidence is shaken.

Posted by Will Duquette at January 28, 2006 07:06 PM