January 22, 2006


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In a fit of madness I got myself a new camera last week, and naturally I've been taking pictures with it. I have pretensions of learning how to compose pictures properly and how to adjust the exposure to best effect; I'm not there yet. Most of the pictures I'll be taking will be family snapshots, which I don't intend to share with the world, but there will be others as well, of which this is one. It's a picture of a new antenna at JPL; I gather that it's part of a prototype antenna array which will be used to track some upcoming missions. It's on a hill just above the building my office is in; I see it like this every morning. That gray and blue thing in front of it is the back end of a cherrypicker they use when working on things in the dish.
Posted by Will Duquette at January 22, 2006 08:26 AM