January 19, 2006

Through A Scanner, Oddly

I've got a friend who's seriously into view cameras--you know, those old-fashioned cameras with the accordion bellows and the black cloth you duck under draped over the back and the little squeeze bulb and the Great Big Plates that you insert into the camera after you've composed the picture you're looking for. Actually, I don't know whether Ted's cameras have either the black cloth or the squeeze bulb, but you get the idea. View cameras are mechanically very simple, but you can do things with them you can't do with normal cameras.

I've always said that almost everything interesting is done by folks who are utterly nuts, and this site just goes to show (click through to one of the mirrors). Several years ago this guy decided to try making a home-built digital view camera out of a cardboard box, duct tape, and a cheap flatbed scanner. He was so impressed with the results that it became an obsession. And I have to admit, it's pretty cool. You see, a scanner doesn't scan a page all at once; it's like a copier, it scans the page slowly from one end to the other. And when the scanner is attached to a view camera lens, and there's movement in the scene.....well, the results can be quite striking.

Posted by Will Duquette at January 19, 2006 04:42 PM