January 08, 2006

Shuffling the Songs

Jaquandor has a new meme--old to him, apparently, but new to me: load your music library (in iTunes, in my case) shuffle it, and read off the first ten tracks. Well, why not? Here's mine.

1. "Long White Cadillac", The Blasters. Straight-ahead old-fashioned rock'n'roll from the punk/new wave scene.

2. "Boy From New York City", The Manhattan Transfer. It rather shocks the me I used to be that I actually like this song.

3. "Man Machines", Pete Townshend, from The Iron Man sound track. I like the album, but this isn't the best song on it.

4. "Streets of Fire", Bruce Springsteen, from Darkness on the Edge of Town. I'm afraid Springsteen doesn't grab me the way he used to.

5. "Too Late To Cry", The Stanley Brothers. Old-time Bluegrass.

6. "The Guns of the Magnificent Seven", Boiled in Lead. An odd track by a very odd Celtic Folk band from (I believe) Southern California.

7. "Kalamazoo", the Glenn Miller Orchestra, from In The Digital Mood. This album was recorded early in the digital era with all of Miller's original band (except for Miller himself, of course). It's a gem.

8. "Democratic Circus", the Talking Heads, from Naked. If this one vanished, I don't think I'd miss it.

9. "40", U2, from War. I don't think I'd miss this one either.

10. "Rio Grande", Leonard Warren, from Lebendige Vergangenheit. Warren was an up-and-coming American opera singer around 1950 or so; he'd be much better known, I suspect, but he died young, which rather terminated his career. This is an unusual album--it's Warren singing a variety of folk standards, American patriotic tunes, and Kipling poems set to music. I got it as a premium from our local public classical station, KUSC, and I've never regretted it.

Well, that's an eclectic selection. I don't know that it's particularly representative of my tests in any other way, but it is suitably eclectic.

Posted by Will Duquette at January 8, 2006 02:21 PM