July 17, 2005

War of Honor, by David Weber

This is the most recent book in the Honor Harrington series, and in most ways the least satisfying to date. It's simply not that pleasant watching idiots fail by the numbers.

Manticore's Centrist party lost power near the end of the previous book, and following Manticoran tradition the Opposition parties were given the chance to form a coalition government. And so they did--an unholy alliance of the far right and far left, whose leaders were motivated by a single goal: to gain power and to keep it for as long as possible. And so for this entire book, we get to watch the new Prime Minister of Manticore and his cabinet pissing away (you should excuse the expression) all of the political and military gains of the last ten years for their own personal political benefit, while compromising most of their supposed principles.

This is one book that would really benefit from some serious trimming. The main plot is explored in tedious and painful detail; it would really have made a much better subplot while something more interesting was going on.

The book does have a few high points; it's not a total loss. And as with its predecessor, if you've come this far in the series you'll want to know what happens next. But I sure hope the next book won't be more of the same.

Posted by Will Duquette at July 17, 2005 02:31 PM