April 21, 2005

Yeah, Posting Has Been Light

For lots of reasons. I've in the middle of The Great Game, which is a long book; I'm spending a lot of time working on Notebook and the Notebook Wiki; and I'm transitioning onto a new task at work, which is taking a lot of my attention. As a result, I'm not reading as many blogs as I was, and I'm not finishing books quickly, so I don't have much to review; and the only deep thoughts I've been having recently are going into Notebook. And some evenings, I'm just taking things easy.

One topical comment: why do so many pundits think it's unreasonable for Pope Benedict to wish to hold fast to the official doctrine of the Roman Catholic church? Seems to me that's the job he was elected to do, and he'd be at fault if he didn't. We've got far too many prelates in my church (the Episcopal Church) who've decided that keeping up with the times is more important than the faith once received from the saints, and let me tell you the results aren't pretty.

Anyway, things are likely to be sparse around here for a while longer.

Posted by Will Duquette at April 21, 2005 07:19 PM

Lars Walker said:

Haven't you heard? Religious belief is purely a matter of taste, like your choice of wallpaper. If you believe something that offends me, the only possible reason is that you purposely intend to offend me. For instance, if you believe in Hell, that means you want people to suffer. If you were a nice person, you'd believe something vague and non-controversial. Therefore you must be a bad person.