April 11, 2005

Weighty Affairs

I just got back from seeing my doctor; it has now been two full months since my diet began, and it was time to go in, get weighed, and see what's changed in my blood chemistry over the last two months. For those not following along at home, I was directed to avoid all red meat and carbohydrates, to eschew egg yolk, to consume only chicken, turkey, fish, soy, low-fat cheese, egg whites, green leafy vegetables, a modicum of other vegetables, and nuts; and to walk for 30 minutes a day. And except for a very few quite intentional lapses (I celebrated Easter with chocolate) that's what I've been doing for the last two months.

Last month at this time, I'd lost 13 pounds. This month, it turns out, I lost another 13 pounds, making 26 pounds all told. In addition, my cholesterol dropped to under half its previous level, and the other problem statistics are now comfortably in-range as well. In fact, the only problem my bloodwork showed this time is that my HDL cholesterol (the so-called "good" cholesterol) is now too low. My doctor says that I need to eat more fish. I told her we had fish twice this month and twice last month, which is four more times than in the twelve months before that.

So things are going well on that front. Bottomline, I'm to keep at it, and come back for another look next month.

Posted by Will Duquette at April 11, 2005 03:52 PM

Lars Walker said:

Congratulations, Will. I won't put you to shame by telling how much weight I've lost because... I can't.

Will Duquette said:

I've never lost any significant amount of weight before, either.

It's normal for people who are on successful diets to immediately start encouraging everyone they know to start doing everything they are doing so as to lose weight too. I have no plans to do that. In fact, I have explicitly planned not to do that. Maybe what the doctor ordered for me would work for everybody else; maybe it wouldn't. I dunno. But it's working for me, and I'm exceedingly grateful to God that it is.

I'll also note that fear of being dependent on insulin injections for the rest of one's life is a great motivator.

Deb said:

So Jane is only shopping the edges of the grocery store also.

Good for you! The Hubby has been on a similiar diet for 2 years and lost 60 lbs with all the wonderful blood test results also. It's tough!