March 18, 2005

You Say Hi-A-Tus, I Say Hi-At-Us

Really, I hadn't intended to take such a long break. But I haven't finished any books (though I'm working on some good ones) and then, The Incredibles DVD arrived in the mail yesterday. Jane and I watched it last night, since Jane wasn't able to see it in the theater, and then we all of us sat down this evening and watched it again--along with the new short, "Jack-Jack Attack", which is simply outstanding.

Tomorrow is Pinewood Derby Day (if it doesn't rain), about which I might have more to say anon; but now, I must go and catch up on my e-mail. TTFN!

Posted by Will Duquette at March 18, 2005 08:11 PM

Sherry said:

Funny. We watched The Incredibles Friday night, and yesterday some of our urchins participated in AWANA Pinewood Derby.

Will Duquette said:

It rained, so they held the Pinewood Derby today instead. We missed most of it, since of course, we had church this morning. And then we had to leave early because we had family coming over. Dave's car didn't win any races; we'll see if he gets an award in the design category.

David's in the same Cub Scout pack I belonged to when I was a kid, and every time I attend a pack function it strikes me how different things are from when I was a kid. They'd never have scheduled an event like this to begin on a Sunday morning, even as a postponement.

Oh, well.