February 17, 2005

The Seige Continues: One Week

Some reasonably disjointed observations:

Well, I've now completed the first week of my diet. So far I haven't cheated on the diet, or been seriously tempted to, for which I thank the Good Lord. And also Jane, who's been making sure that I'm well fed even if on unusual things. And although we're still experimenting with new dishes there's been nothing else as bad as the Greenish-Brown Cylinders of Doom.

I've even been getting my 30 minutes of walking in every day, until today. Today it's raining, and we haven't worked out a solution for that yet. Either we're going to get a treadmill or a membership at the local YMCA, and most likely it will be the latter. That gives me an opportunity to use a treadmill on rainy days without giving it house room. Today, though, I have neither treadmill nor membership, and it's pouring, and there are frustrated drivers out there. I'm staying in here.

How I feel is actually kind of ironic. All week, I've felt like I had the flu. All the women at work have told me that it's normal to feel lousy during the first week of a diet, especially a no-carbs diet, because your body's craving that sugar. Today, though, I feel a lot better...except for that nasty cough that started to develop yesterday afternoon. I'm willing to attribute body aches and head aches to the diet, but the cough, I think, has to be due to a cold. Lovely.

Everything always happens at once. As it happens, today, tomorrow, and Tuesday are days when I simply have to be at work--my project's making a delivery, and if I'm not there to make sure that the correct hoops are jumped through by the correct seals (myself chief among them) there will be no end of grief. Fortunately I can more or less collapse this weekend.

Posted by Will Duquette at February 17, 2005 06:07 PM