February 15, 2005

The Ramble Chronicles: Ramble 0.4

Ramble 0.4 is now available for download at the Ramble Home Page. It has a number of major enhancements over Ramble 0.3.

Update: 7:29 PM: If you've already downloaded Ramble 0.4, you should do so again; the original version had a trivial error that breaks detection potions.

The more notable changes are as follows:

Visibility Model: The visibility model has changed. Instead of complete visibility, you now have persistent line-of-sight visibility; monsters are visible with strict line-of-sight within a 20-tile radius.

It's therefore no longer necessary to have a reduced viewport, and so the viewport is now twice as wide.

Combat Model: I've adopted a simplified version of the Angband combat model instead of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons model I'd been using.

Monsters Galore: Partially as a result of adopting the Angband combat model, I now have monsters galore, and they get nastier the deeper you go. Most of them are roughly equivalent to Angband monsters in terms of combat statistics and general behavior.

Specifics of monster behavior still need to be worked out, and I need to add many, many more monsters to the game.

Equipment: You're now responsible for deciding what weapons and armor you'd like to use, buying them, and equipping them. There are many new kinds of weapon hand weapon and missile weapon, and many kinds of armor.

Level Design: There are some tweaks to level design, including one entirely new kind of level.

Regeneration of Health: You now get your health points back slowly over time, even without quaffing health potions.

Et Cetera: And of course there are a few surprises. You'll probably want to visit the Trouserville Public Library and see what the new commands are.

Posted by Will Duquette at February 15, 2005 06:10 PM