February 11, 2005

Day 2: The Siege Continues

Actually, things are going fairly well with my new diet, though I'm still undeniably grumpy about the whole thing. Jane's being wonderful about it, and is actively looking for ways to make my meals both tasty and varied, for which I am extremely (and vocally) grateful. (Jane's the cook in the family; I can scramble eggs OK, but I'm not allowed to eat any, so that doesn't help.)

However, it's clear to both of us that a number of her experiments are going to flame and burn (metaphorically speaking). Yesterday, for example, she fixed me four soy-based breakfast sausages from Trader Joe's. I'm fond of Trader Joe's, but sometimes they let ideology trump edibility, and this was such a case. I felt like Arthur Dent, being served something almost but not quite entirely unlike sausage.

I hasten to add, the problem wasn't simply that they were soy-based. Jane regularly buys some kind of microwavable vegetarian sausage patty that she makes for the kids. I've tried them, and while I don't like them much they do a pretty good job of mimicking real breakfast sausage. Not a really good job, but pretty good.

The four cylinders of doom I found on my plate, on the other hand, were like breakfast sausage in shape only. In taste and texture (and color!) they were like nothing on earth. We agreed not to try them again.

We salvaged breakfast, however, and lunch and dinner yesterday were really quite good, as were breakfast and lunch today. Dinner was another experiment, and something of a failure in that neither of us particularly liked it or would want to have it again; on the other hand, and we both cleaned our plates.

There will be many more experiments in the days to come, and some of them are bound to bomb; it can't be helped. But at least few even of the failures are likely to descend to the level of the cylinders of doom.

Meanwhile, Jane's being a trooper about the whole thing; and diet or no diet I'm an extremely lucky man to have her.

Posted by Will Duquette at February 11, 2005 07:27 PM