February 09, 2005

The Juice of an Orange

I have just been informed by my doctor that a number of important indicators are "too high" and must be reduced. I will not go into the sordid details, but part of it is that for the next two months I am to embark on a rather radical diet, something like the Atkins diet with the nice parts left out. As I said to Jane when I got home from the doctor's office, "I'm giving up food for Lent." This is combined with the usual suspects, i.e., regular exercise, diet supplements, and a check-up in one month's time.

I am put in mind of a short story by P.G. Wodehouse, entitled "The Juice of an Orange", in which the protagonist, one of the lower forms of life at a major Hollywood studio, is placed by his doctor on a rather special diet. For breakfast: the juice of an orange. For lunch: the juice of an orange. For dinner: the juice of an orange. Period. The effect is dramatic. Once a spineless yes-man, he becomes within mere weeks so thoroughly fed up with orange juice in specific and the world in general that through sheer bad temper he becomes the number two man at the studio.

Me, I don't even get orange juice.

I am, however, to walk for at least 30 minutes every day. After informing Jane of the catastrophe, I set out (iPod in pocket) to set a baseline. I went down the street, along past the elementary school, up another street to the local park, through the park and out the other side, and along a couple of other streets back to my house. Round trip time--18 minutes.

Did you know, it's very difficult to extend a brisk walk at the end of the loop? You have to do it in the middle, when you're less tired--and then, of course, you have no choice but to walk the additional distance home.


Posted by Will Duquette at February 9, 2005 06:00 PM

Sherry said:

You have my sympathy. I'm no good at diets of any kind. Giving up sugar when I was pregnant (gestational diabetes( just about did me in. And exercise is no fun. If I go walking, I want to get somewhere, not end up back where I started.