January 15, 2005

Lt. Leary Commanding, by David Drake

This is the second of Drake's Daniel Leary/Adele Mundy series, and though I enjoyed it well enough on second reading, I found that it dragged a bit. A ripping yarn, yes, but a bit slow to get going. The general outlines of the plot are similar to the previous book; Leary is sent to a nominally friendly place where the Alliance is secretly busy, and Leary saves the day with a big win against great odds due to equal parts of luck, talent, skill, and bullheaded determination. There's a fair amount of political intrigue that goes on toward the beginning, resulting in a surprising zoological discovery on Leary's part that I expect will have long term repercussions as the series progresses; but on the other hand, it had little enough to do with the present story.

So, good fun; but Drake can do better.

Posted by Will Duquette at January 15, 2005 05:43 PM