December 19, 2004

Comment Spam Update

A few weeks ago I began to require TypeKey authentication from readers before they could leave comments here. The effect has been both good and bad. On the one hand, I'm no longer having to delete several hundred bogus (and occasionally obscene) comments every single day; instead, none are getting through. This is a big win. On the other hand, I'm getting many fewer real comments than I used to, which although unsurprising is a pity.

I'd been hoping that the problem would subside after a while, and that I could open up the comments section to everyone again; instead, some hosting services are receiving so many attempts to post comment spam that it's slowing down their servers and causing serious problems. I got a notice from my own web hosting service a couple of days ago, asking all MovableType users to please disable comments or switch to full authentication ASAP--or they'd pull the plug on the site. And I can't blame them.

So authentication won't be going away any time soon, and it's likely to become common on other blogs as well. It's easy to use; if you'd like to comment, just click on the Sign-On link and create an identity for yourself at Thereafter you can use that username and password on any MovableType blog.

Posted by Will Duquette at December 19, 2004 08:14 AM

Phil W said:

I have not commented until now, b/c I have not signed in until now. I leap both hurtles with this comment.

Merry Christmas.