December 14, 2004

My Debut

So around 11:15 this morning I gathered up my recorder bag and music stand, snagged a Santa Claus hat from the decorations in our hallway, and wandered off to the conference room in which our section secretaries and admins were busily getting everything ready for the section party. I set up in a corner and played for about half-an-hour, working through my sheaf of Christmas carols) about twice in that time, as the room slowly filled up.

I didn't do too badly, I guess; I'd been practicing all of the songs at least twice a day since last Thursday, and though I made more mistakes than I'm happy with, my tone and phrasing were pretty good. I'd have had an easier time if I'd played soprano recorder, but I chose to play tenor instead; it's a nicer solo instrument, with a deep rich tone. It's also quieter than a soprano, which means that it was hard to hear me play once the room filled up, but on the other hand the mistakes were quieter too.

I made sure I practiced by leaving my music stand in our kitchen, along with my tenor, that it was often convenient (while waiting for dinner, and so forth) to pick up the recorder and play a couple of songs. I really need to make a habit of doing that in general; it's pleasant.

Anyway, I didn't disgrace myself in public, and that's always nice.

Posted by Will Duquette at December 14, 2004 02:58 PM