November 06, 2004

Ecto Plasm

Ever since I started using Movable Type, I've been posting blog entries using my web browser. That's a bit of a nuisance; it's slow, and the editing features in an HTML text field aren't too swift. I've been willing to live it mostly because most of the entries I post are book reviews, and since all of the book reviews get included in Ex Libris Reviews I edit them in a separate application and save them locally anyway.

So what are the alternatives? There are a number of dedicated blogging apps available; the best ones work with a number of blogging systems, including Movable Type. And tonight, for no particular reason, I decided that it was worth checking out one or two of them.

There are a number of dedicated blogging apps available, though, that know how to work with Movable Type, and for some reason I decided that tonight was a good night to give one a try. A Google search later, I was downloading an app called Ecto.

Ecto gets definite points.

  • Set up was trivial. I pointed it at my blog, and it knew what to do.
  • The editing window is nice
  • It's got some features I don't understand yet, which is cool.
  • It will insert the name of the song currently playing in iTunes into the post.

On the other hand, it's not all peaches and cream. There's an "Insert Hyperlink" feature that either doesn't work or doesn't work the way I think it should, for example. So I'm not in love...but it's possible that Ecto might grow on me.

(Currently listening to: Take Five from the album "Dave Brubeck: Jazz Collection" by Dave Brubeck)

Posted by Will Duquette at November 6, 2004 09:32 PM

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