November 06, 2004

Getting Out From Under

Starting today, I'm going to require folks who want to leave comments to register with TypeKey. I hate to do this--I tend not to leave comments on blogs where registration is required, and I'm sure lots of other people feel the same way.

Here's the deal. For the past month I've been deleting on the order 200 to 300 pieces of comment spam per day. Most of it is reasonably harmless, but however you slice it, it's a real nuisance. I've tried installing MT-Blacklist, a plug-in that filters out comment spam, but it didn't work (I couldn't get it installed correctly) and I haven't pursued it.

TypeKey is a service provided by SixApart, the folks who sell MovableType (my blogging software). You can go to the TypeKey website and create an account for free. That account will let you leave comments on any MovableType blog that requires registration.

This is a bit of an experiment; if any of you frequent commenters are unwilling to register with TypeKey, send me some e-mail, and I'll maybe reconsider.

Posted by Will Duquette at November 6, 2004 12:46 PM

Will Duquette said:

Just a test comment.

Deb said:

cum libertate, iustitiaque omnibus.


Will Duquette said:

Let me guess: "with liberty and justice for all."

Thanks, Deb!

(Whenever anyone leaves a comment on the site, I get an e-mail message about it. Have you any idea how nice it was to wake up to one (1) message instead of 157 messages advertising on-line gambling, diverse pharmaceuticals, home mortgages, and other less savory topics? :-)

Mark D. said:

"Pas de probleme," as they would say here - see blog :>)