October 27, 2004

Date with Daddy

Our new daughter is getting bigger and more mobile and cuter and more interesting, and consequently is becoming more of threat to our older girl, who has begun engaging in a variety of interesting behaviors designed to get her equal time with Mommy and Daddy. The solution to that, of course, is to punish said behaviors--and give her a little extra TLC at other times.

So tonight I took Anne out on a date. We went to Carls, Jr., where she didn't eat much of her food because she was too excited, and then we went to a local bookstore, where I got her a pink book with princesses in it. Four princesses, to be exact, each with her own wardrobe, color scheme, and accessories, and just enough of a plot to justify examining each of them in detail. Oddly, none of the princesses were named "Barbie".

When my two boys were this age we came home with books like Diggers and Dumptrucks. I looked for Slippers and Shoes, but Dorling-Kindersley doesn't publish anything like that. Pity.

I came home with a few gems for myself, too: James Lilek's new book, Interior Desecrations, the second volume in the Complete Peanuts series, and two more of Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next novels, of which more anon. I'll give you a bit of preview, though: Lileks rocks.

Posted by Will Duquette at October 27, 2004 08:18 PM

Deb said:

Word of warning. NEVER, EVER buy that girl a book about horses, not even when she bats her cute little eyelashes at you.

Will Duquette said:

Fortunately, Anne hasn't discovered horses yet. However, I'm reasonably safe; rivers will run backward and Canadian geese will fly north for the winter before I'd scrape together the money to board a horse, let alone to buy one--there's no cheap way to do it around here.

(If you know of a cheap way to do it around here, kindly do NOT inform me.)

Shoes, now--shoes might be deadly. When Anne's fully grown and has a house of her own, I expect that grown men will approach her shoe closet only with fear and trembling. The last party to brave its entrance was never seen again, though we did find a spot where they'd made a fire of torn-up shoe boxes. We think the wedgies got them--unless it was the loafers.

Deb said:

She COULD marry a Phillipino tyrant and have that problem solved instantly!