October 17, 2004

And There Was Great Rejoicing!

Yesterday delegates of the Episcopal Diocese of Rio Grande met to elect their next bishop, and they did not elect our rector. And yea, verily, there was great rejoicing at St. Luke's of the Mountains! Posted by Will Duquette at October 17, 2004 07:05 PM

Jaquandor said:

The electors didn't choose your rector? This raises quite the spectre! You rector wouldn't be a lector, would he? And is his name Hector?

(OK, I'll stop.)

Will Duquette said:

Seems to me you're the one doing the hectoring, Jaq. But to answer your question, no, my rector isn't a lector, almost by definition. A lector is a layperson who reads the scripture to the congregation during the service. The rector could conceivably do that too, but he would remain a rector without becoming a lector.

Don't you hate it when people respond seriously to your smart-aleck remarks?

Mark D. said:

Good news for you! Now I'll have to go see who they DID elect....or maybe I won't .

Will Duquette said:

The bishop-elect is a local guy, apparently; I gather they decided that in the midst of chaos and upheavals they wanted someone they were familiar with. I don't really know anything about him other than that.