August 30, 2004

There's A Movie In This, Somewhere

So there this guy, see, named Ian Hamet. He boldly ventures forth to Shanghai--it's the coming place, the leading edge of the Pacific Rim--where he hopes to get work in the movie business. Instead, he ends up teaching English for six months. And at the end of the six months, he still hasn't found a job in the movie industry. So they offer to hire him to teach full-time for a year, only when he begins work he discovers that he's not only the English teacher, he's the only English speaker in the entire school. Which is brand new. Which will stand or fall with him.

Good grief, he's not working in the movies, he's living one. All he needs is some troubled teenagers to turn around, and maybe a beguiling love interest, and he's all set.

Update: Apparently movie pitches should be 30 words or less. Well, that explains a few things. (For the record, Ian, it was the English division I was referring to.) Also, I'd ruled out Qili and Deliver--given how polite everyone is, I just couldn't see the need for a baseball bat.

Posted by Will Duquette at August 30, 2004 07:32 PM