August 09, 2004

It's Quiet Out There...Too Quiet

I've now started the fifth book in David Drake's Lord of the Isles series; once I finish it, I'll be writing a review of the whole series to date. I'd probably have finished it by now, except that Jane and I spent yesterday afternoon car-shopping; and then we spent a couple of hours today car-buying. So things have been a little busy around the Foothills.

Anyway, here's more or less what my new ride looks like:

Posted by Will Duquette at August 9, 2004 08:42 PM

Lars Walker said:


Deb said:

Very sweet! Love the color!

Jaquandor said:

Oh, boy. My daughter squeals with delight every time she sees one of those on the road, because we watched the "Love Bug" movies last year, and she's convinced that PT Cruisers are "Herbies", just like VW Bugs. (She squeals for Bugs, too.)

I love PT Cruisers, but I did like a quip I read once by someone who hates them: "When they come to a stop, you expect Jessica Rabbit to get out."

Will Duquette said:

Yes, but when I open the door Jane gets out. ;-)

Looking around, I think your daughter may be right--I think the Cruiser really is the new Bug.

Will Duquette said:

Sorry, Deb! You had a comment here, and it got deleted willy-nilly with a slew of comment spam--I've been getting barraged for the last several days, and I got careless. Sorry about that!

Update: I found the text of your comment in my e-mail:

You could play the Slug Bug and Cruiser Bruiser car game with your kids...

If the heater and defroster work in the PTCruiser, then it cant possibly be the new Bug. That was part of the original's charm. ;o)