August 05, 2004

What, Didn't Anybody Like My Joke?

Yes, it has been quiet around here. It's not that I'm not reading; it's just that I've been re-reading David Drake's Lord of the Isles series in preparation for reading the fifth installment, which is just out in paperback. And as each of the volumes is over 600 pages long, it's been taking me a while.

Ah, well. Normal reviews will resume shortly.

Posted by Will Duquette at August 5, 2004 07:28 PM

Mark D. said:

Hate to admit it, but I didn't get the joke, and of course asking for an explanation is gauche.

Will, "WorldCon" is coming to Boston, the annual gathering of SF "fen". I've been delighting in a conversation over at Making Light about attending such an event, and am wondering if you ever have?

Lars Walker said:

I got it, but thought it best left uncommented on... ;-)

Deb said:

I got the joke, after some thought....

Will Duquette said:

I went to a Star Trek convention once, for part of a day, when I was maybe 14 or 15. I enjoyed it, but I rather doubt I really got the whole SF convention affect. Fact is, though I've been a voracious SF reader all of my life, I've never gotten involved with SF fandom particularly.

Re: the joke. Haggis is a scottish delicacy that involves stuffing a sheep's intestine (or some such) with oats (among other things). The scottish bear has just discovered that Goldilocks has eaten his food and is sleeping in his bed, and naturally, he's angry. And also, he's scottish, and he's a bear. And she's, well, she's stuffed to the rafters with oats.....

Chuck Duquette said:

Actually, the "oats" are not nearly so much fun as the "other things". Haggis is really nothing more than a large sausage, though the Scots would refer to it as a "pudding", albeit one with some oats as a filler for the other meat and meat by-products. This was farm/peasant food, mostly oats if that was all you had, and as many scaps of meat, organs and what-not as you could find besides. Kind of like modern hotdogs in this last bit. I could quote some Robbie Burns poetry here but I've nae the stomach to praise this "monarch o the puddin race" in the absence of a wee dram of gud Scots wiskey!

Mark D. said:

If you're interested, the current "Open Thread" on Making Light contains a raft of recommendations in the SF/Fantasy world. I'm reading them with interest - and have ordered "The Stars My Destination" based on it.

Not sure if I'm ever going to plump for it fully, but want to be at least semi-literate in the genre.

Will Duquette said:

I haven't seen that one; I'll take a look. There's another at
A Small Victory which I've been meaning to post something about.

The Stars My Destination is good, but I prefer
The Demolished Man, also by Bester; you should order it as well.