July 17, 2004

OK, Deb Can Have Lots of Cookies

I have just discovered the reason for my esteemed co-blogger's unwonted silence--not only unwonted but unwanted, as it turns out. It seems that she mixed her mammals, which you should never, ever do.

Some days ago, she was riding a large mammal of the equine variety in company with several others, including her daughter (the proximate cause of this unusual horsiness). It was a beautiful evening, the breeze was cool, the sky was sunny, the fields were....fields. Now, the first thing about horses is that they really are quite amazingly tall. And the second thing about horses is that they have minds of their own--and those minds really are quite amazingly small. If she'd been riding, say, an ATV, then our Deb would be feeling fine at the moment. ATVs are much lower to the ground, and what's more important they don't spook when two deer pop out of the brush at them. And if they did, and you fell off the ATV's back onto your own (your left shoe scribing a perfect arc over the saddle horn the ATV hasn't got) you wouldn't have nearly as far to fall.

As I say, it's dangerous to mix your mammals; it can leave you feeling truly wretched the next day. According to Deb she has no broken bones (except possibly for a hairline fracture in one clavicle), but she's got a surfeit of angry muscles, tendons, and maybe even a disgruntled rotator cuff. (You can buy stock in the Advil company if you like.) Today is the first day she's felt physically able to sit in a chair and type.

She hopes to have some reviews for us Real Soon Now (westerns, oddly enough); in the meantime, you can leave a Get Well note in the comments, below, or e-mail one to her directly.

Posted by Will Duquette at July 17, 2004 08:15 AM

Phil said:

Deb, I've wondered where you've been. I'll be praying for your recovery. I hope you can restore, defrag, or re-educate fond memories of your equestrian experiences a few months from now.

Deb said:

Actually, Phil, we own two horses so I will be up on one soon. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers. The farther from the event I get, the funnier it seems to me. It was sooo undignified and unladylike.