June 18, 2004

And It's Kicking, Too!

As of thirty minutes ago, we are up and running on our wireless network using Earthlink DSL as our internet connection. I have to say, getting the DSL modem to work with our Airport wireless base station was tough. Really tough. Really, amazingly, incredibly tough.

I had to plug the DSL modem into the wall. The horror!

I had to connect the DSL modem to the phone line. Gosh!

I had to connect the DSL modem to the Airport base station. Oh the humanity!

I had to disconnect the DSL modem from the wrong port on the Airport base station and reconnect it to the right port. Oh the stupidity!

I had to disconnect the DSL modem from the wrong phone line and reconnect it to the right phone line. Oh the absurdity!

I had to tell the Airport base station to connect to the Internet via PPPoE instead of dial up. Oh the pretty interface!

After that, it all just worked. The two mis-steps cost me about five minutes; hiding all of the cables and putting the furniture back where it was before I started took longer.

Posted by Will Duquette at June 18, 2004 06:58 PM

Jaquandor said:

Ah, ya crazy kids with yer "broadband" and yet "fast connections"...in my day, we had dial-up and we waited ten minutes for a blog to load and we liked it!

(I'm still on 56K dialup, believe it or not....)

Will Duquette said:

Come on in, the water's fine! A litle murky at times, but at least it pours faster....

Will Duquette said:

Jaquandor, I need to add--your page is a whole lot nicer with broadband. Something to do with those nifty pictures, I think.

chris holland said:

bah, in my day, i had to pick-up a handset, dial a number and utter screeching sounds into it: "psheeeeewwwweeeeeeeschrreeeeeeee bzoooiiiing bzoooiiiiiinnng schreeeeeeeee".

Jaquandor clearly has it pretty with his fancy-shmancy 56K.

but yeah. i too like my earthlink dsl :)