June 17, 2004

Broadband is Here! It's Now! It's...

Well, truthfully, it's later.

My Earthlink DSL installation kit arrived today, and it looks like getting everything installed should be a snap. But I spent the day coding like a fiend, so I'm like, totally wired, y'know? (Did I just say that?) And anyway my boy James is graduating from pre-school tonight. Not a good time to get started with something like this--if it went well, that'd be great, but if it didn't my stress level would go through the roof, to the detriment of any small children in the vicinity. Perhaps after they are all in bed.

But anyway, all of the equipment is here, though I've got to get some more microfilters. They included three, but I need at least six total, and maybe seven. Does Radio Shack carry these?

More later.

Posted by Will Duquette at June 17, 2004 04:56 PM

Deb said:

To answer your question,like, yes. As does Circuit City and Best Buy. I dont recall ours being all that complex--some Cat5 cable and a couple of connections, some tinkering with the router or modem thingy and the internet settings and it was done.

Remember the 3X3 rule for any work done--it takes three times as long as you plan and costs three times as much. ;O)

Will Duquette said:

Hey, wow, that was easy. Mind you, I've not tried to make it play with our wireless router yet. But I've got the modem sitting here on my desk, and I'm on-line. Too cool!