June 12, 2004

Well, Thank You!

A few years ago I put an Amazon Honor System box on my main webpage as a tipjar. Almost immediately I got word that a long-time reader of Ex Libris Reviews had made a donation. After that, nothing. The way it works is, donated money accumulates until there's a balance of more than $50; then they deposit the money in your bank account.

And in fact, that has never happened...until today. I'd almost forgotten that I'd set it up, and I'd long since stopped bothering to look at it. And today I received word that Amazon was going to be depositing $50 (less a small fee) to our checking account.

Now the thing is, when someone sends me money through my Amazon paybox there's a "Send Info" button. If you click it, then I receive e-mail saying who you are and how much you donated. If you don't press it, then I won't even know you made the payment until Amazon deposits the money.

So what I'm saying is, I don't know who donated the money, or how many people there were, but I'd like to say thank you: collectively, you've paid for my webhosting for the next five months. I really wasn't expecting it, so it's come as quite a pleasant surprise, and I'm truly grateful.

In addition, I've added the tipjar to this weblog as well, something I've been intending to do for ages, only it seemed rather pointless. It's over there on the right; if you should feel so moved, I'd be glad to be grateful to you, too!

Posted by Will Duquette at June 12, 2004 03:10 PM