June 08, 2004

Dramaturge Physicker

I was looking for Google-Whacks (a Google-Whack is a pair of words that yields exactly one page when you Google them), and found the above pair. Here's the page Google found; if anyone can explain to me why it exists, I'll be much obliged to them. Posted by Will Duquette at June 8, 2004 08:43 PM

Ian H (not Shanghai) said:

It looks like a page designed to create Googlewhacks. It looks like random words thrown on a page with the occasional leavening of "the"s, "a"s, and "and"s to simulate an English sentence.

Will Duquette said:

You may be right. On that page I saw the phrase "Episcopally vituperative", and so I Googled that. I got back this same page, and another one from another host in the same domain.

If you start deleting directory names from the URL, each parent page is a similar kind of thing (though the words are different).