May 23, 2004

Insert Foul Language Here

This is a family blog, more or less, so I can't tell you how I really feel about the rude individual who posted approximately 120 individual pieces of spam in this weblog's comments section today. It took me about an hour to delete all of them.

I'd planned to post another book review tonight, but instead I'm looking into upgrading to a later version of Movable Type.

Posted by Will Duquette at May 23, 2004 08:02 PM

Jack said:

Hey, did you get that lipitor dude from Europe, too? He didn't get me too much, and the TypePad folks are looking into it. What a boring pastime. I wonder if someone's got a 'bot that harvests URLs from comments.

Will Duquette said:

Yes, indeed, it was the lipitor dude.

In a way, I find all of this comment spam fascinating, in that it's usually pretty obvious whether a piece of spam is from somebody new or from an old "friend".

Deb said:

Isnt there some sort of protection or sort or something you can put on to prevent it?

Will Duquette said:

I can disable comments completely, which I don't want to do; I can ban the bozo's IP address, which is only so much help; and there are Movable Type plug-ins I can download that will make it harder for the spammers. But to do the latter, I needed to upgrade first.