March 13, 2004

D-Day Plus Five: She's Bigger

One of the truly surreal parts of having a newborn in the house is that they grow. They never do it while you're watching--you come down for breakfast, and you look at them, and....they're bigger than when you last noticed.

That's what happened this morning. I looked at Mary, all comfy and relaxed in her carrier (she's on the table next to me as I write) and suddenly realized that her head was just a little bigger and more rounded than it was yesterday.

"Jane," I said, "Her head's bigger."

"It could be," she said. "She wanted to eat all night long."

The kicker was her hair. She was born with a lot of dark hair, but it looks thinner this morning. Analysis: the follicles are farther apart.

I was expecting this--Mary is our fourth, after all--but I wasn't expecting it quite so quickly.

Posted by Will Duquette at March 13, 2004 07:46 AM