March 08, 2004

Dawn Eden has a Neat Mom

As you can read on her blog. Posted by Will Duquette at March 8, 2004 08:23 AM

Dawn Eden said:

That is so sweet! I'm going to tell Mom about it right now. Thank you!

Craig Clarke said:

That is a well-written letter, but I have to take exception to this statement:

"Only a REAL and TRUE story would withstand even one year, without being proven false."

According to this, there can be no such thing as folklore or mythology, stories that have been passed on for longer than those of Christ, and yet often have little basis in fact, only in belief.

And isn't that what faith is, anyway, belief without proof?

Will Duquette said:


I somewhat agree with you about the "surviving one year" thing; though I think your comparison with myth and legend is strained. The Gospels don't tell of something that happened once upon a time in a far-off kingdom; they tell of something that happened at a specific time and place in history (read the openings of the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles and you'll see what I mean). Folklore tends to have a timeless quality to it. And of course, no one ever suffered martyrdom for Little Red Riding Hood.

The growth of Islam or Buddhism would have been a better example for your argument.

As regards faith being belief without proof--yes, partially, but it isn't belief without reason. I have many reasons for having faith in Christ, some of which I can explain to unbelievers and some of which I can't. The thing to remember is that believing in Christ is more like believing in Craig Clarke than it is like believing that 2+2=4. I have to make a leap of faith to believe that you exist, and that you aren't just a machine sending me e-mail and book reviews, or a woman, or somebody named Joe Shlabotnik.

Believing in the Great Pumpkin is irrational; believing in Christ isn't.

Dawn Eden said:

You don't know how much it gratifies me to see Peanuts, and especially Charlie Brown's baseball hero, brought into this or any conversation.