February 16, 2004

I Hate My Printer

I have an Epson C82 inkjet printer. I got it because according to the reviews it's a good light-duty printer, prints photos reasonably well, and uses non-fading inks.

I've also decided that it's a royal pain.

I tend to use it once a month or so. Every time I use it, practically, I discover that I need to run through the nozzle cleaning procedure, which wastes ink.

Today, I found out that I needed to do that after wasting about an hour and several sheets of photo paper. So I fixed it, and printed the pages again, and on the third page I discovered that I needed to do the nozzle cleaning again. Net result: after two hours of wasted time I've got lots of wasted sheets of paper, half the pictures I wanted, and a printer that I don't trust.

Can anybody point me to a nice, reliable color printer that doesn't get bitchy if it's ignored most of the time?

Posted by Will Duquette at February 16, 2004 01:10 PM

Ian said:

I use an HP Deskjet. It's a few years old now but seems to handle long streches of inactivity with no problems. I have only had to do head alignments when I change the inks. I have never had to clean the nozzles.

Deb said:

I second that. Mine's an HP Deskjet 697. The only problem with Hp products is that if you need have them fixed, HP doesnt outsource thier repairs to small shops so you have to either ship to them or break down and buy a new one. At my last job we switched to buying Canon printers for that reason.

Of course, the other thing you could do is print off it once a week just to keep the nozzle heads from drying and gunking up. That might be cheaper in the short run. Once your kids get to 3rd or 4th grade in school, trust me, this will no longer be a problem

Will Duquette said:

HP, hmmm? How are they at printing photos?

The thing that just killed me today was that I needed to clean the nozzles not one but twice--with a couple of good pages in between. I can understand problems when it's not used for a while, but once the nozzles are clean you'd think they'd stay that way for a while. Sheesh.

HPs. I'll think about that.

Deb said:

Are you sure it's the cartridge and not the printing head. That's another thing that can go wrong and usually can be replaced by your friendly printer repair guy. You might want to look into some sort of ink cartridge holder as well--Canon's come with them--that you stuff the cartridges that you dont use often, like the color ones. They keep them from drying out and gunking up the print head.

My Hp 607 doesnt print graphics very well but then I dont have anything fancy like Photoshop or whatever on this machine so it may just be the software. The printer we used for graphics at my last job was roughly $1500 and was a HP1500 laserjet, if I am remembering correctly. The cartridges were really expensive also which happens with higher priced printers.

Phil said:

I have an HP 694c which is an earlier version than the one mentioned above. I've not been disappointed.