January 28, 2004

Only 50?

Via Captain Yips, I've discovered the Reality Fuel 50 Book Challenge. The idea is to read 50 books in 2004, and blog about them.

I just went and counted the books I read and reviewed in 2003. I came up with a nice round number: 150.

I'm with the good Captain--"Slackers!"

Posted by Will Duquette at January 28, 2004 06:07 PM

Phil said:

150! You're amazing, sir. I wish I could read half as fast as you.

Craig Clarke said:

I remember when I saw a post like this earlier in the month. "Slackers" was my own exact reply. 150 was my best year ever (come December, I was trying to reach it) but I average over 100.

Less "reality" (TV), more fiction!