January 08, 2004

DreamHost is too cool

This site went down some time today; I'm not sure when. I noticed it this evening about 8PM--I couldn't access Movable Type, and the entire site appeared to be gone.

My web hosting service is DreamHost.com. I went right to their support page, and submitted a problem report.

Around 8:30 I checked my e-mail, hoping that I might at least have gotten some kind of automated message saying that they were going to look into my problem. Instead, I got an e-mail message from a real person saying that they had just fixed my problem. And indeed, they had.

Now, that's service. 30 minutes from problem reported to problem solved, at 8PM at night--for a tiny little customer like me.

I signed up with Dreamhost three years ago; I heard about the company through a banner ad at Slashdot--the only time I've ever responded to a banner ad. I've never regretted choosing them.

When I first signed up with Dreamhost, they offered to host my domain for $9.95 a month--a price they promised would never increase. It hasn't. For that price, they would host my domain, host a website at my domain, give me reasonable amounts of disk space and bandwidth, and redirect e-mail. Since that time, they've added many new services. I now have full shell access, CGI-scripting, MySQL databases, mailing list administration, and a bunch of other services I've not even used yet. And I'm still paying just $9.95 a month.

In all that time, I've only had my site go down twice (that I'm aware of). The second time was tonight; the first time was due to a credit-card/billing screwup which was entirely my fault. In both cases, the problem was resolved quickly and painlessly as soon as I noticed it.

Every so often I read about people having trouble with their ISPs or hosting services, and I just smile.

Posted by Will Duquette at January 8, 2004 08:56 PM