January 07, 2004

Soul Music, by Terry Pratchett

I didn't really want to read this book, except that I wanted to read Hogfather, and I needed to refresh my memory.

But first, some history. Way back when, in the fourth Discworld book, Death took an apprentice named Mort, who eventually married Death's adopted daughter, Isabelle. (Trust me, it all made sense at the time.)

In this book, we meet Mort and Isabelle's only daughter Susan. Susan's a strange child, as befits Death's granddaughter. She has little patience for fools (they suffer her, rather than vice versa), and she has a tends to be hard to see when she wants to be left alone. And when Death takes a holiday, as he is occasionally wont to do, it's Susan who must pick up the slack. Susan plays a major role in Hogfather, which is why I needed to re-read this one first.

But that's another review. So what's this one about?

Death, and Rock-and-Roll. You can be the greatest musician in the world, one that they'll talk about forever, but there's a price--you have to live fast, and die young....

So why didn't I want to read it again at the moment?

The wonder of the Discworld is that it's a whole world; Pratchett can satirize anything he likes, and make it work on the Discworld. But Rock-and-Roll just doesn't seem to fit quite right, just as Hollywood didn't seem to fit quite right in the earlier Discworld book Moving Pictures. Also, there's a bunch of foolishness with the faculty of Unseen University that seems to be neither here nor there so far as the plot is concerned. It's filler.

But hey, I enjoyed the book anyway.

Posted by Will Duquette at January 7, 2004 08:55 PM