January 03, 2004

Spirit Has Landed!

A little over an hour ago, the first of two NASA/JPL Mars Exploration Rover spacecraft bounced to a successful landing on the surface of Mars; you can find the relevant links at the JPL web site.

Three cheers for the MER development and flight teams; as a fellow JPLer I know how hard they worked to make this happen. I'd also like to congratulate the Deep Space Mission System operators who set up the communications channel that let us confirm that Spirit is alive and well--they don't get a lot of news coverage, but they are under just as much pressure as everyone else involved.

One successfully down; one to go.

Posted by Will Duquette at January 3, 2004 10:07 PM

Dan Spencer said:

Just a few hours after landing, Spirit sent back its first images from Mars' Gusev crater.

Absolutely awesome!

Deb said:

PBS is doing a special NOVA tonite supposedly with some of the shots from Mars. The first one Sunday night was fascinating!