December 18, 2003

Post Captain,
H.M.S. Surprise,
The Mauritius Command,
Desolation Island,
by Patrick O'Brian

OK, so I broke down and bought all the books in the series after finishing the two I had on the shelf. The bookstore owner just chuckled, the swab, when he saw what I had in my hand. Apparently O'Brian fans come into his store with an addicted gloss to their eyes needing the next fix in the series. And, boy, can I see why. I thought I'd slowly drift thru the series, maybe one a month, and take my time. But no, I am actually finding myself staying up a night to finish one so I can go on to the next. And the suspense with the whole Diane/Stephen thing is killing me.

Will has reviewed the books three or four times in the last few years and I suggest you go and read his thoughts.

I can only add that if you are new to the series, muscle your way thru the first book (Master and Commander) just to get the characters down and then proceed on. Skip liberally if you need to but still retain the sense of storyline. O'Brian gets over the need to explain ever jib, spar and sail on a ship and moves the action along much better after he gets the series going. Maturin also develops depth as the series progresses and so far as I can tell, becomes almost more interesting than Jack Aubrey. He certainly is a good foil to the heavily muscular naval setting in the books.

Posted by Deb English at December 18, 2003 04:14 PM