October 16, 2003

The Curse of Chalion, by Lois McMaster Bujold

Bujold's latest book, Paladin of Souls, is a sequel to The Curse of Chalion which I read and reviewed almost exactly two years ago. As I hadn't reread it since, and as I like to have the story fresh in my mind, and because almost any excuse is sufficient to reread a Bujold book, I picked it up and devoured it for the second time.

In our library, Bujold stands alone as the only author whose new books I always read aloud to Jane. I'll sometimes read P.G. Wodehouse to her (not that he's really writing anything new), and I'll almost always read new Terry Pratchett and Steven Brust books to her--but not invariably. She likes Pratchett, she likes Brust, she likes Wodehouse, but (with three kids in the house) only Bujold will cause her to drop everything for a week until we've finished.

Anyway, I liked the book just as much this time as I did the first time. You can go read my earlier review to get a feel for what it's about; I rather doubt I can improve on it without giving away too much.

Posted by Will Duquette at October 16, 2003 04:47 PM