October 14, 2003

The Regulators, by Stephen King

When King is good, he's very good. This, on the other hand, is just 500 pages of blood, gore, violence, and rude words. I'm still not exactly sure what his good books add to that mix, but there must be something.

This is the companion to King's novel Desperation, which I read and reviewed some while back. I liked Desperation. It had blood, gore, violence, and rude words too, but it was good. It took place over a few hours in a small town in Nevada. This one takes place over a few hours in a small neighborhood in the Mid-West. Some of the same people are involved, sort of. It's got some interesting bits in it. But unlike Desperation, it failed to hold my attention.

I dunno. I guess you win some, you lose some.

(On the other hand, it's not Pet Sematary, either. So I suppose it isn't truly dire.)

Posted by Will Duquette at October 14, 2003 07:02 PM

Craig Clarke said:

I haven't read Desperation yet, but I tried The Regulators (found it in a bargain bin--hmm, maybe that was a clue!) and about halfway through just gave it up. It held my interest but just left me cold.