September 10, 2003

Requiescat in Pace

Dearest Lord, this I ask:

For the victims of 9/11, and all victims of terror everywhere in the world, may they rest in your heavenly peace.

For the terrorists of 9/11, and all other terrorists who have killed themselves while murdering other people, may they be forgiven, though they have done great evil, for their leaders lied to them and trained them in wickedness.

For the leaders of al Quaida, Hamas, the PLO, and all other groups that teach their children to worship death, may they be led to repent of their wickedness and live their lives making restitution to the families of those they have killed.

And if they will not repent, may your judgement be swift and sure.


Posted by Will Duquette at September 10, 2003 04:46 PM

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