September 08, 2003

Modified Rapture

Terry Teachout has just done me the courtesy of linking to one of my posts, and as I haven't mentioned his blog in a while I'd like to put in a plug for it.

Granted, this is like putting in a plug for the 2 Blowhards--is there really anybody who comes here who doesn't regularly go there as well?

But I digress. Terry Teachout is the arts critic for the Wall Street Journal, and he's recently started writing a daily blog which is a lot more fun that I'd have expected that a New York art critic's blog could be. Terry's got a down-to-earth style, delightfully lacking in jargon, and and while much of what he writes is of little interest to me (I don't live in New York) there's always something I find interesting.

He updates his blog every weekday. Go take a look.

Posted by Will Duquette at September 8, 2003 09:26 AM

Deb said:

Nice plug! But anybody who chooses Trollope for his desert island bag has to have good taste. ;o)