August 30, 2003

Eclecticism Defined

Last week I got my little boys a little CD player, and made them CDs of some of the music they really like. Their first three requests?

  • The Fury of the Aquabats, by the Aquabats. Silly ska music--I'm especially fond of the songs "Attacked by Snakes" and "Cat with Two Heads".
  • The Weavers at Carnegie Hall, by the Weavers. Classic folk revival stuff--an outstanding album, if you've never heard it. I grew up listening to the Limeliters and Harry Belafonte, but we never had any Weavers albums in the house; I figure my parents didn't like their politics. (Mr. Belafonte's politics must have been either less strident or less visible in those days.)
  • The Yellow Submarine Soundtrack Album, by the Beatles. Not the original Yellow Submarine, but the re-release of a few years ago, with all the tunes from the movie.

Clearly we're doing something right.

Posted by Will Duquette at August 30, 2003 09:38 AM