August 28, 2003

God is Good

So yesterday, Jane was driving up the street from Trader Joe's when the left-side cargo door of her minivan slid open. That's the door that little Anne's car seat is by. Jane stopped the car, closed the door (wondering why on earth it had popped open) and drove slowly home.

When she opened the cargo door to take Anne out, she discovered that the top of the door had come out of its track; once opened, the door hung drunkenly off of the side the van in the most remarkable way. So she called me, and I came home (picking up our two boys along the way), forced the door closed again (I was completely unable to get the little wheel back in its track), and we all went off (in two vehicles) to drop the van off at the dealership to get fixed.

While I was talking to Joe the service guy about the door (I don't think he'd ever seen such a thing), I asked him to look into something else--the front of the van had sometimes begun to shake a little bit when I put on the brakes.

It turns out that the brake pads were not just worn; they were gone altogether.
The rotors were getting thrashed. And so we need a really expensive brake job.

And we found out about it before the brakes failed completely because the left-side cargo door popped mysteriously out of its track and we had to take it to the dealer.

God is good.

Posted by Will Duquette at August 28, 2003 08:38 PM