August 26, 2003

New Link Colors

I've just changed the link colors for this blog; the old colors were hard to read. The new ones are much easier to read, but they seem a tad strident. Hmmm.

Leave a comment if you've got an opinion....

Update: Things evolve rapidly--see the comments, if you're interested in the changes I've made.

Posted by Will Duquette at August 26, 2003 07:08 PM

Deb said:

I'll be honest. The red makes my eyes cross.

I didnt find the blue that hard to see! I like blue. What's wrong with blue? ;o)

Will Duquette said:

They weren't blue before; they were a sort of golden brown color (on my machine, anyway). Now they really blue. Waddya think?

Deb said:

They weren't blue before?!! Really?!!!

I think they are fine now. The font is large enough to see and you have enough white space around the text that they dont blend in. Looks good!

Have you ever read Jacob Neilsen's book on designing web pages? I have it at work and I cant recall the title right now but he makes alot of good points about making web pages readable and attractive at the same time. The geek who recommended it to me tells me it's a classic text. FYI--I like the way your page looks!

Will Duquette said:

I've not read his book, but I've browsed his website every now and then.

The color scheme I'm using--the whole design, in fact--is more or less one of the standard Movable Type designs. If you look at Craig Ceely's blog, The Anger of Compassion, you'll see that it has almost exactly the same design as mine. You can see the original link colors there.

I like it well enough, except that I've never liked the link colors. The section headers in the link bar on the right aren't quite right either....

Will Duquette said:

How does it look now, with the darker title backgrounds on the right hand side?

Deb said:

Nice touch. It picks the lighter blue out of the title. Keep the same amount of white space, tho.

I figured out this was some sort of template since there are a few blogs out there with the same design. It's clear and it works--what's not to like.

And I just noticed the cool little touch with the line between the left and right section--it changes from straight line to dashed line as you rollover the links. I played with it for a minute just to see what it would do. I am easy to amuse!

And when you rollover the links they change to another color! Perhaps the old link color?? Did it do that before????

Will Duquette said:

I don't remember whether the links changed color on rollover or not. If they did, it was very subtle. I made sure it was obvious, because links are now the same color as titles, and some titles contain links.

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