April 10, 2003

Dialogues of the Dead, by Reginald Hill

The Mid-Yorkshire Gazette is having a short-story contest, and the preliminary judges find an unusual entry: a so-called dialogue, though only one voice is represented, which describes a murder--a murder which happened before the entry was received, but was not discovered until afterward. And then the receive another such entry, and then another....

This is Hill's latest Dalziel/Pascoe novel; I picked it up in Australia (it's not available here in the States yet) and read it on the plane on the way home. It was a remarkably good choice, much better than the books I read on the flight out, and kept me thoroughly occupied for hours. It's as good anything else he's done.

Interestingly, this book covers some of the same thematic territory that Lawrence Block's most recent, but does so far more convincingly--and the ending is far more chilling. You'll have to read both to find out what I mean.

Posted by Will Duquette at April 10, 2003 08:24 PM