July 30, 2003

End of the Day

It's about ten o'clock, and we're just back from dinner. About twenty of us went to the Cottage Inn, which is the local place for deep dish Sicilian pizza (along with many, many other things). It was great, although they don't seem to understand the notion of a "personal pizza". The smallest hand-tossed pizza was 12", and the deep dish pizza comes in two sizes: half-tray and full-tray. I ordered a half-tray pizza, and it was approximately three times as much as I needed. I figure some of the rest of it is breakfast for tomorrow, which will make a nice change from Frosted Flakes. (They serve breakfast here, but it doesn't amount to much.)

I will say three things in favor of this hotel, though. When I asked for another pillow, they had it to my room in five minutes; when I woke up with a headache (which was not the pillow's fault, so far as I can tell) and went to the front desk to ask where I could get some Tylenol, they gave me some; and all of the staff have invariably been both cheerful and friendly. This makes up for some of the maintenance problems, like the lamp that doesn't work and the clock radio whose volume control is stuck on Way Too Loud. According to Clif Flynt, the previous owners ran the place into the ground, and the new owners are trying to bring it back.

It's still a genuinely weird place, though. Apparently it used to be a rather non-descript L-shaped motel with outside doors on the first and second floors--the kind of place where you park just outside your room. They've since enclosed it; the space on the inner angle of the L is now the atrium, and the outdoor pool is now the indoor pool. On top of that, they replaced the front wall of each room with a plate glass window, just the thing for transmitting sound into the room. And since there is no sheer curtain, only a black-out curtain, most people leave the curtains drawn all the time anyway.

As for the conference, it's going nicely. I went to two tutorials today, one on Starkits (which I use to deliver my Notebook application) and one on a nifty database called Metakit, both given excellently well by Steve Landers, a Tcler who hails from Perth, Australia. I already knew a little about both topics, and the tutorials filled in the gaps nicely.

Tomorrow the technical sessions begin, and on Friday morning I present my paper.

Posted by Will Duquette at July 30, 2003 07:09 PM