July 29, 2003

Live from Ann Arbor

I'm here in Ann Arbor at the 10th Tcl/Tk Conference, held at the Best Western Executive Plaza on Jackson Road, which is, by coincidence, just across the street from the nicest hotel in town. Or so Ian Hamet tells me. Ian and I had a fine time yesterday evening; not only did he buy me a nice Italian dinner, he gave me an inscribed copy of Nevil Shute's book "Pied Piper" for my birthday. (Inscribed by Ian, that is, not by Nevil Shute.) Naturally, there was much discussion of books and movies. He's a gentleman and a scholar, and I hope to buy him a drink this evening.

I'm sitting in the atrium of the hotel as I write. We've cobbled together a rather hit-or-miss wireless network; when the conference organizers lined up this hotel, there were plans to install high-speed internet through out. The hotel's top management subsequently decided that no such was necessary, and so we're making do with a net connection that's too bizarre for words. Consequently, blogging and (especially) e-mail might be much lighter than I'd hoped over this week.

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