July 26, 2003

A Boycott? For this?

I just received an interesting piece of e-mail imploring me to join in a nationwide boycott of Border's Books and Music stores. The offense? It seems that a singer named Julia Rose was performing at a Border's store in Fredericksburg, Virginia last night. Between songs, Rose, who is a body builder, made a joke about President Bush, accusing him of having "chicken legs". According to the e-mail, which included a clipping from a local paper, that was the extent of her political commentary.

Apparently some of the Border's patrons in the audience were offended, and complained to the store's manager, who responded by banning Rose from any additional performances in the Fredericksburg store (several more were scheduled). Note that the ban applies to that store only; she can still perform at the several other Border's stores in the vicinity.

My correspondant wishes me to call Borders' corporate number, and also the manager of the Border's in Fredericksburg, and tell them that I will be boycotting the Border's chain until this ban is lifted. She assures me that all the Democrats in that part of the state (I assume that's what she meant; she called them "DEMs") were joining in.

And I have to ask...what's she smoking?

Q: Why does Border's have musicians come and perform?

A: To attract customers.

Q: Why did the manager in question ban Julia Rose from future performances?

A: Because Julia Rose offended some of her customers.

If you think it was a bad decision, correspondent mine, then by all means contact the manager and ask her to reconsider. She's in the business of pleasing her customers, and if it's clear that most of her customers think the ban is inappropriate she'll likely change her mind. If you're polite, that is. But boycott the entire chain because a not particularly outrageous decision by one manager? That's just plain silly.

If this is representative of the DEMs these days, then they badly need to acquire a sense of proportion.


Posted by Will Duquette at July 26, 2003 06:27 PM

Julia Rose said:

for the record, I have not condoned any kind of
boycott-customers started it themselves. God bless
them for having their own opinions and taking action.
I have received an outpouring of affection,
kindness, support, and wisdom from hundreds of
strangers across the country I now call friends.
These people took time out of their busy lives to
do what they feel is right. Although I will never
condone boycotting the entire chain, I am flattered
so many people give a toot about little ol' me.
God bless you.
Julia Rose