July 11, 2003

Cats and Dogs Living Together

I just ran across a page entitled Things my girlfriend and I have argued about. Excerpt:

There is only one specific type of occasion when Margret feels I should 'go and speak to' one of the children, and that's when they have done something forehead-slappingly idiotic. The implication she is making is that Idiocy is my area. That only I can speak to the children when they've done something comprehensively crackbrained because, unlike her, I can speak The Language Of Fools. 'Maybe you can get through to him,' she's saying, 'Because you know how the asinine mind works.'
Posted by Will Duquette at July 11, 2003 02:34 PM

Ian said:

That page always brings tears to my eyes, and if I stay too long, my gut hurts for a day afterward from the force of my laughter.

My favorite is when their (cute) little son tells him "I love you, Daddy!" Her response is just... just...

Oh, go back and read it. :)

Ian said:

Whoops, it doesn't appear to be there anymore.

Well, his son comes up and says "I love you, Daddy." And from the other room drifts Margret's voice, saying "No you don't, darling."

Will Duquette said:

I read that bit just today.

He's come home from work on Friday afternoon, tired from a long week of work, and his boy Peter comes running out: "I missed you, Daddy!" And from the other room drifts Margret's voice, saying "No you didn't, Peter."

Close, though.

Deb said:

I read some of it and decided it's something best in small doses. After awhile he just got annoying. Did you read his Faq page for Americans?

Will Duquette said:

I haven't read any of the FAQ pages.

Yeah, there's a certain amount of dross. But amid the dross are a number of true gems.

I gather he adds to this every so often; I don't think you're supposed to read it all at once.

Deb said:

Have you looked at the link to ultramicroscopic on Felicity's blog. That guy cracks me up too.