July 09, 2003

Here Be Dragons

Man, but Amazon.com is dangerous. I've bought books there, occasionally, but I hadn't previously looked at compact discs there. We used to go to the record store regularly, but that stopped when we started having kids, and we've more or less stopped buying music except on rare occasions. But I'd recently noticed that an album we used to have (and really liked) had gone missing; and another disc got damaged. Since I'd already been out once today, and since I wasn't even sure they were still in print, I decided to check Amazon.

Oh, dear.

The one that had gone missing was Parcel of Rogues, by Steeleye Span, a British folk-rock band. Amazon had it. They also had six or seven Steeleye Span albums I'd never even heard of--in addition to the eight or nine we already have. Plus a bucket of albums by Maddy Prior, one of Steeleye Span's singers, none of which we'd been aware of. Maddy Prior has the most gorgeous voice; I think she's Jane's favorite vocalist.

This is going to be expensive.

Posted by Will Duquette at July 9, 2003 04:43 PM

Deb said:

You could join a 12 step program to get past it. Or just repeat to yourself...Amazon Bad...Amazon Bad...Amazon Bad...

Lynn S said:

Welcome to the addictive world of online CD shopping. :-)

By the way, Barnes & Noble also has CDs, and there's TowerRecords.com, Berkshire Record Outlet and....

Oh... I'm not helping am I? :-)

Sporkadelic said:

And since not everything you might want is available in America, you should investigate amazon.co.uk. (Shipping to the US is reasonable.) Oh, and don't forget hmv.co.jp; the English link is at the bottom of the home page. (Shipping to the US is pricey, but Japan has things you just can't get anywhere else!)